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Ice? (Weekend Wordsmith #91) March 18, 2009

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Photo by Rich (weekendwordsmith.blogspot.com)

Photo by Rich (weekendwordsmith.blogspot.com)


Alligator, weary,
dry-land tour of duty ended,
sheds the expeditionary foray-burden;
slithers gladly back to water.


Alphabet prompt: R is for rescue March 15, 2009

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I just wrote the following as my first-ever writing-prompt exercise-for-sharing.   It was provided at Pictures, Poetry & Prose and I used the 5-minute timer (brushing up spelling etc and doing a little, but not too much, tidying afterwards).

The prompt: R is for rescue; photo of helicopter pulling someone from the sea; direction to use the word ‘rescue’ in your writing today. 

Here is mine:

R is for Rescue:

Rescue me, o rescue me!  Roaring of mighty waters, rushing, roaring into my ears, my eyes, my lungs; roaring waters roaring mightily, I am fighting against submitting to you, fighting you, I roar and roar “Rescue me, o rescue me!”  I fight, I battle you, “RESCUE ME, SOMEBODY HELP, RESCUE ME!”  There is cold, fear; blood rushing cold inside me; cold fear, rushing down, down, blindingly down, “RESCUE ME, RESCUE ME!”   Screaming, rushing, roaring waters; red swirling waters, rushing over my head, I can’t find air, rescue me!  Wildly grasping, wildly grabbing but nothing solid is there, only water, the water rushing between my fingers; I can’t grab it, it is not solid, I am grabbing, grasping, but there’s nothing there to grasp, “RESCUE me!”  Sound whirling round me , black sound, confusion, water rushing, rushing, louder, louder, waves grabbing round my waist, I kick against them! “Rescue me!”  I fight and fight, fight against the grabbing; but with stronger power rope rushes round my waist, rope like iron, grabs me in iron clench, “Rescue me!”  Jerks me out, I flail, I grasp, it’s not solid, it’s air , I can’t grab it, “rescue me!”  Rushing air, rushing round me, roar of air – yes, air… rescued.  I submit.

Writing this, submitting it to the site, and publishing it here – I feel as if I’ve broken some kind of a barrier – in a sense, I’ve been ‘rescued’ myself.

Now I have a writing blog March 15, 2009

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I’ll have to write.

No more excuses.

I have the desire.  I have the pencil.  I have the prompts.   I have the place to publish.

It’s time to get going.